keep holding on

20 and in college; physical therapy major :). I'm always here to talk, if anyone ever needs ANYTHING! Do not be afraid to message, everyone needs someone to talk to. All You need to know about me is that I'm a work in progress. I have good days and bad days, more often good weeks then bad weeks. I'm just another human being, nothing more and nothing less. I'm far from perfect but I'm also far from where I want to be. I'm just living life day by day.

I’m so over relationships and getting hurt all the time…

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They told me to pour my heart into everything I do. So that’s what I did, I poured and poured and poured. Now they ask me why I’m so empty.

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I fucking hated what you were doing to me. But more than that, I hate that you knew you were doing it. And that I was letting you.

This show just went from normal to fucking terrifying in .2 seconds…

TVD meme - two deaths
[3x22/4x22] Elena dying to save Matt; Bonnie dying to save Jeremy.

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What would TVD Cast ask their devoted followers?

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"I totally saw a fox do this on National Geographic. How hard can it be?"

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don’t want 


unless you’ve got



my snake don’t want habit unless you’ve got rabbits mulan protagonist

Do you know what a protagonist is

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no one cares if you don’t like short hair on girls shut the fuck up

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